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Bankruptcy Court grants summary judgment holding debt nondischargeable, where debtor, former owner of "Nobody Beats the Wiz", used false financial statement

Summary Judgment plus attorneys’ fees granted on appeal after trial judge improperly found a question of fact regarding defense of equitable estoppel

Debtors' attorney sanctioned $10,000.00 plus costs and attorneys' fees for frivolous, outrageous and unprofessional behavior at deposition

Judge reversed for staying judgment collection via sale of real property upon debtor's claim of prior unrecorded deed

Appellate Division holds that judgment, originally obtained in another state, becomes enforceable in New York for 20 years

Judge reversed for refusing to issue warrant of arrest for ongoing noncompliance by subpoenaed witness

Court finds that defendant waived jurisdiction defense for failure to timely raise it and consented to the judgment by making payments towards an income execution

Appellate Division affirms summary judgment decision finding that plaintiff failed to meet serious injury threshold in a motor vehicle accident case

Appellate Division reverses trial judge and holds that transfer of judgment debtor’s interest in real property was ineffective against plaintiff’s judgment lien

Trial Judge's decision after a highly contested traverse hearing reversed by the Appellate Division as against the weight of evidence

United States Court of Appeals reverses District Judge’s decision to vacate a judgment

Judge sanctions lawyer and holds client in contempt over “frivolous” behavior at deposition